J.D. Irving, Limited and Irving Consumer Products are proud of their responsible forest management record.

We welcome the opportunity to address questions about the many topical industry related issues whether they come from media or the public including those of clear-cutting, herbicide use, habitat protection, chemical spraying, or the Acadian forest. In spite of our best efforts, information still sometimes gets reported that is unbalanced in our view.

We're happy to share the full story of 4 generations of family heritage with you through this library of videos.

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Only 10% of the world's forests are certified to a third-party, audited forest management standard. But, 100% of Irving-managed forests are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative's (SFITM) forest management standard. In addition, 100% of Irving's tissue brands are certified to the SFI certified sourcing requirements and SFI chain of custody standard.

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